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Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah storming the Gates of hell devotion helps God’s people refresh, refocus and renew their faith and prayer.

Scriptural Reference: Matthew 16:18-19, Malachi 3:10, Isaiah 60:18, Ecclesiastes 10:8, II Samuel 19:8, 15:2, Nehemiah 3:1-3, Amos 5:11, Ephesians 6:12, Revelations 6:7-8

The word storm is defined as:

1. A violent military assault on a fortified place or position.

2. To rush angrily to attack or assault a place, a person or a thing.

Gates and doors are very significant in the life of a human being.

A house or room without a gate or door is very susceptible to the entry of unwanted personalities and things.

Doors and gates restrict and control entry or exit.

The gates of hell cannot succeed, prevail or overcome the church but it takes the believer to establish this victory.

The gates of hell are designed by satan to oppose and prevent the believer from having a fulfilled and blessed life.

Whenever someone becomes born-again, God immediately erects a wall of salvation around the person.

When a believer engages in sin and unrighteous acts a hole or gap is created in the wall of salvation to allow the entry of the devil.

The praise of a believer sets a wall of protection around him or her.

Always remember that whatever you do on earth has an impact or effect in the spiritual realm.

Tithes and Offerings are keys for the opening of the windows of heaven for the release of God’s blessings. – Malachi 3:10

Walls, windows and gates define the territory of a person.

This describes why cities in biblical times had gates for protection and defence. City gates are made strong and fortified.


Importance And Reasons For City Gates

1. A place where strangers who had no place to stay could spend the night.
The gates of hell are meant to keep you from entering your place of peace and fulfilment.

2. Kings sat at the city gates to meet with their subjects. – 11 Samuel 19:8
This suggests that the city gate is where plans and strategies are made.

3. Serves as the civic centre where news are exchanged and discussed.

4. The place where prophets and priests make predictions and pronounce judgements. This means that demonic predictions and negative pronouncements are made against the future of believers at the gates of hell by the devil. – Isaiah 60:18

5. It was a business and trading centre. That was where imported goods were located. It suggests a place where the devil trades the destinies and blessings of believers for curses, failure, sicknesses and untimely death. – Nehemiah 3:1-3

If you fail to deal with the gates of hell they will prevent the release of blessings and answers to your prayers.

Jesus confronted the gates of hell at Caesarea Phillipi which was considered at the time as the headquarters of all demonic activity.

A god by name “Pan” was said to be in charge of all demonic activity in Caesarea Phillipi. The god was fierce, wicked and ruthless in its dealings. It is believed that the word “panic” has its roots from the name of this god.

God expects us to storm the gates of hell in fierce anger and prayer if we want to live a life free of demonic and satanic harassments.


Types of Gates of Hell – Ephesians 6:12

1. Principalities – Purposely to rule and control a person or a place according to their desires.

2. Powers – witchcraft and demonic powers

3. Rulers of darkness – they attack a person or a place in groups, legions and teams.

4. Spiritual wickedness in high places – this includes the spirit of death and hell. – Revelations 6:7-8

As believers we must not be ignorant of the devil because he is responsible for all negative occurrences. We must storm the gates of hell in order to ensure that the plans and activities of the devil will not materialize.


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