L.E. Jewel Felicia – Press Through The Hard Place (Devotion)

Press Through The Hard Place – Word Encounter Series by L.E. Jewel Felicia: Press Through The Hard Place by Jewel Felicia, helps God’s people refresh, refocus and renew their faith and prayer.

SCRIPTURE: Psalm 18:29-36: God is the Father of faithfulness. When you read deep through the Bible, you will come to an understanding that God commands comes with a lasting reward. God is not interested in your wealth or resources. He is a Giver. The giver of victory.

No matter what God tells you to do, do it. He will never ask you to do what you can’t bear or anything, unless it is for your ultimate benefit. The life of Abraham in the word of God; till today he still remains the Father of all nations and people are benefiting from his obedience to God.

Everything God ever asked you to do, even the most difficult, He asks because His plans for you are great and something good will come out of it. But in order to experience that greatness or success, you will need to PRESS THROUGH the Hard Place.

” Keep in mind that you are God’s heart beat” and He will always be with you the “Hard Place”. Stop worrying and take a step. Be grateful that God never gives you anything more than you can bear. There is always a way (John 14:6) and He will see you through that assignment He has given you. Men may look down on you, don’t worry just obey God and He will make the same people praise you and sing your name for victory.

PRAYER: GOD, I am grateful that you wouldn’t give me more than I can bear. Am sorry if I have lost hope along the way, Forgive me Lord. Today, as I press through the difficult moment and areas of my life, I thank you that YOU are with me in Jesus Christ name, Amen.

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PRESS THROUGH THE HARD PLACE – Word Encounter Series with L.E. Jewel Felicia

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