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Silencing The Evil VOices by Dr Olukoya: Silencing The Evil VOices devotion by Dr Olukoya, helps God’s people refresh, refocus and renew their faith and prayer.

SCRIPTURES: Luke 23:23, Acts 22:22, 1 Corinthians 14:10, 1 Samuel 22:9-18.

There are evil voices that rise up and speak evil into and against people’s destiny. This is particular prevalent at the edge of major breakthrough when God wants to do new things and to bless. They rise up and challenge God concerning your case. They may go to your helpers in the physical or in the spiritual realm to manipulate them out of helping and promoting you. They ask God,” why do you want to promote this man? Others deserve it better than him.” They go to a man that is interested in marrying you and they say to him, “Why must you marry her? She is no good. In fact not just her but all the women from her family are bad news.” They have a wicked agenda for your life and destiny but today God shall expose, disgrace and silence them. I prophesy over your life and destiny that only God shall have the final say in your life, in the mighty name of Jesus. Pray the following prayers with boiling anger:
1. 1. Every evil voice speaking against me be silenced by the blood of Jesus.
2. Every evil voice speaking against my breakthroughs, die by thunder.


There are different voices that speak against a person’s life, including a person’s breakthroughs, destiny, progress, finances, and health. We will now look at these powers. Please take this prayer with me.

1. Every evil voice rising up against my life, be silenced by fire, in the name of Jesus.

1. Evil Authority. These include parents, pastors, and teachers.
2. Star gazers. These use evil powers to monitor a person’s life and speak against prospective breakthroughs once they see it on their radar.

PRAYER: Any power calling my head before evil mirrors, die with your mirror.

3. Voices from your foundation. These include household wickedness powers such as polygamous witchcraft powers. They use ancestral worship, collective captivity, evil dedication, evil covenants, curse, and evil strongmen as vehicle through which they speak evil into glorious and promising destinies.
4. Witchcraft voices. These include environmental, marine, polygamous, and parental witchcraft.
5. Enchanters and diviners. This normally manifests as nakedness in the dream, either partial or total nakedness. It brings humiliation. It brings false accusations, satanic delays, lack of helpers, error and mistake and other negative manifestations in a person’s life.
6. Spirit husbands and wives.
7. Powers of the night and dream attackers These powers plant evil into your life by speaking evil into your life while you are asleep,
8. Territorial and environmental powers speak evil into people’s lives including sickness and bewitchment.
9. Wicked Broadcasters. They pretend to be your friends but anything shared with them ends up in their covens and are used against you.
10. Evil programmers. These powers program evil into people’s lives through spoken words such as incantations.
11. Evil counselors
12. Satanic arresters. These are powers that speak evil words into your destiny to stop you on your tracks.
13. Satanic prophets and ministers
14. Sorcerers, voodoo men, and witchdoctors as known as babalawo, shama, and obeah man. They do incantations and enchantments to destroy lives.
15. Psychics and other intermediaries.

1. Every satanic embargo placed upon my life, clear away, in the name of Jesus.
2. The key to my breakthroughs buried beneath the earth, come forth and locate me by fire.
3. Breakthrough magnets, my life is available, enter my life by fire.


The agenda of evil voices is what the powers behind evil voices hope to accomplish in their victims lives by speaking evil into such lives. They are the consequences of allowing words spoken by these evil voices to take root in your life. They speak into a person’s life to manipulate and change a person’s destiny from what God ordained it to be. They speak to carry out the agenda of their master, the devil whose only agenda is to kill, steal and destroy. John 10:10. That is why these voices must be taken seriously and silenced by fire. Say:

1. I break the backbone of any power speaking evil into my life and destiny. (Mention the various areas of your life where evil has been spoken against you).
2. Every agenda of wicked voices for my life, scatter by thunder in the name of Jesus.

We will now look at the wicked agenda of these evil voices.

1. Failure especially inherited failure and failure at the edge of breakthroughs. These voices speak failure into various areas of a person’s life such as marriage, career, business, ministry, and education. An automatic failure mechanism may even be in place. This means that every time that you attain a certain level of comfort, success, or prosperity, failure kicks in and you automatically come crashing down.

Prayers: Every battle occurring at the edge of my breakthroughs, scatter by fire.
Every book of generational failure bearing my name, catch fire and be roasted to ashes.

2. Arrested and slow progress.
3. Poverty

Prayer: Every evil decree and verdict spoken to render me poor, be reversed by the blood of Jesus. Jesus became poor so that I can be rich, therefore I am rich and poverty is not my portion in the name of Jesus.

4. Destiny wastage.
5. Glory manipulation.
6. Stagnancy.

Prayer: Every yoke of stagnancy, break, in the name of Jesus.

7. Discouragement and frustration
8. Rejection and hatred

Prayer: Every shadow of hatred covering me, and creating problems for me in marriage, clear away by fire, in the name of Jesus.

9. Unprofitable delays of blessings
10. Demotion.

Prayer: Let every destiny demoting dream fall down and die in the name of Jesus.

11. Disappointment.
12. Confusion and indecision
13. Vagabond anointing.
14. Satanic diversion of destiny.
15. Abortion of breakthroughs.
16. Sickness, disease
17. Marital problems
18. Parents/children animosity
19. Untimely death including death by suicide.

1. Every pit dug to swallow me, swallow your digger, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every evil voice telling me to kill myself, be silenced by the blood of Jesus.
3. Every evil personality attached to my life, instructing me to kill myself, be separated from me by fire, die and remain dead.

20. Weakened spiritual authority and prayer life.
21. Bad luck.

1. This year nobody shall say to me, “Better luck next time,” in the name of Jesus.
2. I use the token of the blood of Jesus to blot out all the handwriting s of ordinances of bad luck working against my life (Name the areas that you are experiencing bad luck such as marriage, career, education, and obtaining documents of advancement).

22. Barrenness and unfruitfulness.
23. Destruction including body destruction.

Prayers: Every strongman of body destruction, release my body and die in the name of Jesus.

1. Your destiny. Anything spoken against your head represents your destiny.
2. Your Breakthroughs.
3. Your handiwork such as career, business, academic, and ministry. This is represented by your hand in the spirit realm.

Prayer: Let divine explosion fall upon my handiwork, in the name of Jesus.

4. Your glory. This is represented by your hair or your clothes in the spirit realm.
5. Your finances
6. Your success
7. Your marriage and other relationships
8. The promises of God for your life. That is your inheritance in Christ.
9. Your health and your blood.
10. Your brain and your sanity.

Prayer: Every bondage against my brain, break by the blood of Jesus.

11. Your total and permanent deliverance.

11. Every power speaking to reverse my deliverance, be silenced by the blood of Jesus.
2. Anti-deliverance powers targeting my life for evil, fail and die.


There are various ways that evil voices speak to their victims. These include:
1. False visions.
2. False prophesies.
3. Dream attacks

PRAYER: Let all anti promotion dream be converted to victory in Jesus name.

4. Evil counsel. For example the counsel of Ahitophel against King David when Absalom rebelled against his father.
5. Satanic judgment.
6. Evil decrees and verdicts.
7. Threats
8. Curses
9. Evil Speaking.
10. Evil manipulation of divine destiny and time table.
11. Familiar Spirits


1. Get born again and become a friend of God.
2. Repent from and deal with sin and rebellion. If these are in place then God will not hear you. These provide legal grounds for evil voices to continue speaking into a person’s life and destiny. .
3. Silence evil voices using the blood of Jesus.
4. Reverse the effect words spoken by the evil voices. These are judgments so stand on the scripture verse quoted below to reverse and cancel them:

”No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” Isaiah 54:17.

5. Replace them with words spoken by the voice of God. That means that you should replace it with the logos and rhema word pertaining to your situation or challenges. Isaiah 6 5:24, Number 14:28, Mathew 12:37.
6. Tell the blood of Jesus to speak for you where you cannot speak for yourself
7. Barricading your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost.

Songs: 1. By the reason of the anointing every yoke shall be broken 2. Who has the final say, Jehovah has the final say 3. I can see every turning around for my favor 4. Today, today, not tomorrow, Jesus must answer me today, today.
1. Every voice of stranger in any area of my life, hear the voice of the Lord, depart and come no more in the name of Jesus.
2. Every evil authority working against any area of my life, be exposed, disgraced and paralyzed.
3. Every power, personality, or spirit working against my breakthroughs, be frustrated and fail woefully.
4. Every evil word spoken against my establishment by evil tongues, expire by the blood of Jesus.
5. Every evil gang up against my life, scatter by fire.
6. Every power assigned to cause me shame, O God arise and overthrow them, in Jesus name.
7. Every strongman drawing back God’s timetable for my life, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus
8. Every power projecting confusion and indecision into my life, die by fire.
9. Every word spoken against me under satanic anointing fall to the ground and die. Every evil word spoken against me by (Pick from the under listed) be reversed, be reversed, be reversed by the power in the blood of Jesus.
– Demonic pastors -Wicked parents -wicked authority
– Evil teachers -Wicked Children -Dream attackers
– Envious enemies -Polygamous witchcraft powers
– unfriendly friends -environmental powers -territorial powers
– Star gazers -marine powers -witchcraft powers
– Sorcerers -psychics – satanic intermediaries
– spirit spouse -wicked spouse/ex-spouse -wicked in laws
– Evil competitors -enchanters -diviners
– marriage killers -satanic broadcasters -evil programmers
– foundational powers -strongmen -evil counselors

10. Every evil load programmed into my life through evil words and voices, I return you back to your sender.
11. Every swallowing grave that is speaking against me, I silence your by fire.
12. Every evil speaking demotion into my life, be silenced by fire.
13. Every power assigned to frustrate me, be frustrated in my place and die.in the name of Jesus.
14. Every witchcraft power attacking my handiwork, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
15. Every good door refusing to open for me open by fire, in the name of Jesus.
16. Every serpent of wastage assigned against my destiny, die, in the name of Jesus.
17. Divine restoration, arise and locate me, in the name of Jesus.
Thank you Lord for answering my prayers.

Silencing The Evil Voices – Dr DK Olukoya

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