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10 most important points from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Emotional Speech: 1. Prophet Bushiri’s success in ministry and business hasn’t gone down well with some people; as a result, there have been several plots and schemes aimed at his downfall. As such, he made it clear to the ECG community that their church is under attack and they should never relent from prayer. (Emotional Speech)

2. In the past three years, everyone in his family, including his wife, Mary, and two daughters, 7 and 4, have been subjected to investigations. Surprisingly, Prophet Bushiri comes to hear of such investigations either privately from some law enforcing officers or in the media. Is this justice?

3. Prophet Bushiri is not against being investigated. As a law-abiding he is never above the law nor immune from prosecution. However, he is calling for lawful and constitutional investigations free of extortion and blackmail. Isn’t this how justice is supposed to be?

4. In the past three years, Prophet Bushiri has survived several assassination attempts on his life. Interestingly, the Prophet has video evidence of these attempts and he exclusively broadcasted only two—one while on the pulpit and the other while at a car park in Sandton. But why kill the Prophet of God?

5. In 2017, the world once got shocked with news that Prophet Bushiri was under investigations for allegedly carrying R15 million, every month, to Malawi. Surprisingly, Prophet Bushiri also only read about such investigations in the media.

Up to date, despite the damage the article wrecked on his name and, also, despite the article still being read online, he hasn’t yet been communicated to if such investigations are still on or they were dropped. Is this justice or character assassination?

6. Prophet Bushiri—either through himself or his lawyers—has been consulted by several law enforcing officers, warning him against investigations on his head and pending arrest. One after the other, these officers all ended with one message: Pay us money and we will stop this; if you don’t, expect trouble. Is this justice or extortion?

7. In 2018, Prophet Bushiri took up matters of assassination and extortion attempts and reported them to several state institutions.

To be exact, on or about 15 February 2018, he met National Commissioner of Police, General Khehla Sithole, the commissioner who then referred me to Minister of State Security Agency (SSA) whom he then met on 25 February 2018. Hearing his story, he involved former Director General (DG) of SSA. He also, then, met with Inspector General of Intelligence, and including the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID).

In all these, the Prophet was only taking the rightful and legal steps, as a citizen, to seek justice. But why is there no justice?

8. Prophet Bushiri is shrewd at recording evidence with regards to ensuring he doesn’t make unverified statements.

During the address he played video footage of his assassination attempts, burning of the church, a girl who was interviewed by ETV and then sneaked to the Prophet to demand money to withdraw the broadcast—just among others. The Prophet revealed that he only, because of time, showed only 1 percent of the evidence he has. Dangerous!

9. Prophet Bushiri exposed to the ECG Church community and the general public that Mr Mashishi from Tshwane SANCO has been the person on the ground, organizing and executing all the rape allegations against him.

Despite overwhelming evidence against him on this, Mr Mashishi confirmed, on his own, confirmed in an interview with Daily Sun that he is the one who took the two girls to ETV where, in their exclusive extortion and blackmail attempt, they falsely accused Prophet Bushiri of raping them.

One of the interviewed girl, sneaked and went to meet the Prophet’s lawyer where she demanded R300 000 to withdraw the story from ETV. The story was run because Prophet Bushiri said NO to the girl’s extortion. Why Mashishi, why?

10. Prophet Bushiri underlined that he strongly believes and has unwavering confidence in the leadership of South Africa. He also believes in the integrity of South Africa’s justice system.

As such, people should never expect him to run away from justice. As a spiritual leader, business person and a TV personality, he can never be a flight risk. He will be here in South Africa to see to it that justice is done for he knows a day is coming.

10 most important points from Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Emotional Speech

Source: fcmtvonline.com

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