Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson Welcomed Into RIAA Class Of 2022

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Firsts” always hold a special significance, and for 39 stars on the rise, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today introduces those whose first certifications were earned in 2022. 41 singles from the #RIAAClassOf 2022 earned coveted Gold & Platinum awards, celebrating major consumption thresholds as fans keep them on repeat and found #LabelsAtWork overtime.

“Whenever a Gold, Platinum or Diamond certification is earned, it represents massive engagement from an artist’s fans, and a remarkable achievement by the artist, their creative teams, and their record label. And when it is your very first RIAA award, it’s even more special. We are so encouraged by the success of this #RIAAClassOf2022 and are honored to help celebrate their immense talents,” says RIAA COO Michele Ballantyne.

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Anne Wilson, the only Christian/Gospel artist, earned Gold certification for “My Jesus.”