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Actor Zachary Levi, who’s starred in films such as Tangled and the Thor series, has opened up how God has helped him in his battle with depression and suicide.

In an interview with the website Faithwire, he said: “I was so enveloped in the darkness that it was pretty much the first time in my life I could say that I maybe stopped believing there was a God,” he said.
“I have always leaned into God and into my faith and trust and followed.

“I haven’t done it perfectly. But I got to this place where…to feel abandoned and to feel like I didn’t want to live anymore really, really, really shook my faith.”

Coming through on the other side, Levi claims his resilience only came from one place.

“God’s been instrumental in all of it, all along,” he said.

Levi opens up about his mental health journey in his new book Radical Love: Learning to Accept Yourself and Others.

As part of his own healing, Levi claims he’s had to learn what radical love actually looks like, especially through a difficult relationship with his mother who he’s leant to forgive.

“Jesus was saying to love your enemy and pray for your persecutor. This is something that nobody seemingly does.

“[Christ] talks about, to love those who already love you isn’t really love…love is to radically accept someone else exactly as they are, exactly where they’re from.”
Levi’s set to hit the spotlight later this year as the latest instalment of his superhero franchise Shazam is released in December.

Source: premierchristian.news


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