NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - MAY 30: Kari Jobe performs onstage during the 2021 K-LOVE Fan Awards on May 30, 2021 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for K-LOVE Fan Awards)

Kari Jobe Says Getting Alone With God Helps Fight The ‘Noise Of The World,’ Talks Power of Worship

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Worship leader Kari Jobe is gearing up to tour with Elevation Worship this summer and said this season has been a reminder that maintaining one’s focus on God is essential.

Premier Productions announced the Elevation Worship Summer Tour featuring Jobe and her husband, Cody Carnes. The worship leaders will have several tour stops in August and provide audiences with a jammed-packed night of worship and celebration.

“Elevation has become really good friends and family to us so we’re excited to experience the presence of God together on these nights,” Jobe told The Christian Post in an earlier interview.

Jobe is excited to continue to shift atmospheres in worship and said it’s paramount that people keep their focus on God in the difficult times ahead.

“Worship changes the atmosphere, and in a time where it seems that people are being really influenced by opinions and other atmospheres, worship reminds us of the power and the presence of God, and the hope and healing we find in His presence, “The Blessing” singer said.

“It seems like people are really hungry for a move of God and I keep being really moved by Matthew 5:6 ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.’”

The singer said people need “a fresh infilling of the spirit of God” and encouraged that He promises that to His children.

In her own personal devotion time, Jobe has been studying the story of David and Goliath. She recently found herself impacted by how the Scriptures say David communicated with God.

“Due to this, he was able to hear very clearly the attack of Goliath and how he was coming against God,” Jobe said. “It gave him fresh ears because he was getting away from the daily usual defiance attacks that Goliath was yelling out.”

She added, “It has reminded me the importance of getting alone in the presence of God to read the word and get refreshed in worship so that the noise of the world and things that try to bring heaviness are easily combated by His presence.”

The Texas native said the Elevation Worship Summer Tour is “going to be a strong and powerful night of worship,” and they all expect “God to move, draw people into salvation, and refresh people.”

She wants attendees to leave the concert knowing “how much Jesus loves them and how the presence of God can transform their everyday lives.”

When asked how she avoids getting bogged down by the cares of life and tragedies seen in the world, the singer said she keeps her gaze on Jesus.

“There’s truly no other place to go for peace,” she said. “I find that it drives me to Jesus even more because everything else feels so overwhelming and heavy.”

Speaking about raising children, the mother of two boys said she and her husband are intentional about preparing their sons for the world.

“I am thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit. We talk to our boys a lot about how to discern light from dark,” Jobe told CP. “They have really sweet and sensitive little hearts and we want to steward that and help them hear the voice of God and learn the power of the name of Jesus at this young age.”