Lecrae Responds to Christian Backlash Over Rapper Lil Nas X Entering His ‘Christian Era’

Lecrae Responds to Christian Backlash Over Rapper Lil Nas X Entering His ‘Christian Era’

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Grammy Award-winning Christian rapper Lecrae shared his thoughts regarding Satan Shoes‘ creator and rapper Lil Nas X’s announcement that he is entering his “Christian era.”

The comments came in the context of Lecrae’s podcast, “Deep End With Lecrae.”

Lil Nas X, who is a 24-year-old outspoken gay man, was criticized after he teased last month that he might jump into Christian music. One critic was “Fast and Furious” actor Tyrese Gibson, who warned Lil Nas X that “God is not to be played with.”

Lecrae informed his fans that he and Lil Nas X have had a “few interactions” throughout his career, sharing that the last time they spoke, Lil Nas X told Lecrae that his dad, who is a devout Christian, was a big fan of Lecrae.

That comment “made me feel old,” Lecrae joked, but the information also made him aware that Lil Nas X was familiar with him and his music.

“I can only imagine what his experience has been being an outright gay man growing up in a religious environment,” Lecrae said, expressing curiosity about whether Lil Nas X has any “frustrations or presuppositions or ideas about how Christians act toward him, because potentially…he wasn’t treated well historically” by the church.

Lecrae added that its “not a secret the Christian community does not treat the gay community well—has not historically. That’s because there are varying degrees of perspectives and objectives as it pertains to Christians engaging culture.”

Before discussing his thoughts on Lil Nas X’s “Christian era,” Lecrae shared that he is “firm believer” that same-sex attraction “is not a choice for everybody.” In other words, “if you are born with a propensity or an attraction toward the same sex, that in and of itself is not condemnable—that is not something you condemn someone for.” Yet that is what is “consistently taking place in churches nowadays,” Lecrae believes.

People who are same-sex attracted who aren’t acting upon their desires are not “going to hell,” he explained, adding that “that’s not okay” to condemn those people.

Lecrae encouraged Christians to act like Jesus and not like the Pharisees. “Why do we not expect sinners to sin?” he asked at one point. “It’s not our job to condemn them for their lifestyle choices. It’s our job to show them where love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, self control exists.”

Source: Churchleaders.com


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