Mike Todd and Travis Greene

Mike Todd Gives Travis Greene 1 Million Dollars

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Pastor Michael Todd, leader of Transformation Church gave the multi-award winning Gospel singer, Travis Greene, 1 Million Dollars.

The miracle moment took place in front of thousands of people at the Transformation Conference vERSION02! Pastor Mike Todd and his wife Natalie Todd, presente Travis Greene with the generous cheque saying:

“This is a level with God where you don’t just need a miracle but you can create a miracle”.

Travis Greene was left speechless on stage but posted later on social media:

“I’m in no rush to attempt to give language to what God did last night. Just know that I’m forever changed. Once again, He Made a Way”

This is the single largest gift Transformation Church has given and there is no doubt it will be a major blessing to Travis and Dr. Jackie Greene’s church Forward City.

Source: premiergospel.org.uk