Moses Bliss

People Don’t Appreciate Us Enough – Gospel Singer, Moses Bliss

Moses Bliss, a Nigerian gospel singer, believes that he and other gospel musicians are underappreciated by the public, claiming that they are treated differently than their secular counterparts.

The ‘Too Faithful‘ singer allegedly stated this while interacting with Sunday Scoop. Accepting that challenges are a part of everyone’s lives, including the music industry, Bliss stated that gospel musicians do not need people’s praise to get started as long as their actions please God.

We (gospel acts) don’t need men’s acknowledgement to do what we do. As long as God is clapping for us, it is enough.

Apostle Paul in the Bible said that he sees persecution for the sake of Christ as a good thing. We see every challenge as a stepping stone and as a reason to preach the gospel, Bliss said.

Bliss said about his major challenges in the gospel music industry:

I know challenges are a part of our lives. One of the challenges of being a gospel singer is that people don’t quite appreciate us very much. However, I think that is changing, and we are very determined.