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The top-selling, three-time GRAMMY™ award-nominated, Dove and Stellar award-winning producer, singer/songwriter, and spirit-filled mogul Deitrick Haddon returns with a new cutting-edge sound on his latest single. “God Made,” from his indie label, DH Visions, is available Friday (Mar 18) to download/stream and in a TCB Exclusive, we bring you the premiere of the official music video below.

In an accompanying artist interview, Deitrick reflects on the message behind his new song and he looks back on what it was like filming the video with his kids.

Congratulations on the upcoming release of “God Made!” Why is the message of this track so important to you personally?
We are living in a time where people are questioning themselves, doubting themselves, and feeling like they have to live up to other people’s standards. It’s a lot going on that’s bringing a low self-esteem attitude and culture. And I want to build people up and let them know that they are uniquely designed by God and God loves everything about them. They should celebrate they are God made in His image. They don’t have to live up to anyone else’s standards and they can be who they are because their journey has made them that way. None of us had any say so in how we were born, where we were born, what skin we were born in, what country we were born in. None of us had any say. So we need to celebrate where we are because God doesn’t make mistakes.

Which lyric do you think the world most needs to hear?
I like the first few lines “I’m a man who had to fight just to get ahead / maybe that explain why I’m rough around the edge / at the core of me, I have a heart made of gold / I’m confident and bold / and I’m trying to win souls.” I love that line because it speaks to my journey. A lot of people look at me and could easily come to a conclusion or judge, but they never consider what I had to go through to get to where I am. Nobody thinks like that – why is the person the way they are? It’s because of their journey. For some of us that hasn’t been easy. And to achieve some kind of success in a culture that you aren’t designed for success should be celebrated.

Alongside the new music, you also have a new music video. Take us back to filming, how did that day most surprise you, perhaps even exceeding your expectations?
Well, I wanted my kids to be a part of the video because on the second verse it is me speaking to them and empowering them. I’m telling them that when they know Jesus for themselves they don’t need validation from anybody else. When you aren’t afraid to stand on your own, that’s when you’re ready for your crown and to be seated on your throne. So they agreed, and then when we got to the video set, they gave me a whole lot of energy. They were invested! My little superstars showed up at the right time, so I’ll never forget that. My son is very quiet and reserved, but when the lights and camera hit him, he turned into little Deitrick Haddon.

How are you looking to define success for this single and video package compared to some of your previous projects?
I just wanted to put this song out to encourage people. My measure of success for this song is people being motivated and inspired to celebrate who they are and know that they don’t have to live up to anybody’s standards. If I see people encouraged and ready to move on and celebrate who they are, then that’s a level of success for me. I didn’t write this song to hit the charts and be #1. I just want to make great music, and that’s the place I’m at right now with my own label. I spent 12 years on RCA and spent a significant amount of years on all these labels. Finally, I have my freedom in making great music that means the world to me. Music that matters. I call it legacy music. I want to make a statement. It’s not about the commercialism. I just want to make music that matters.

How have you found new freedom with your sound by being at your own label?
I’ve always been the guy to push the envelope and push the sound to progressive gospel music. I’ve not been behind other genres sonically when it comes to production. I think the production value should always be representing God – it should be excellent. I’m big on that and believe in musical freedom. I listen to all genres of music, and I believe that if you’re representing God, it should be #1 in sound, lyrical content, and presentation. So I love this music that I’m doing now because I have no one telling me what I can’t do or what won’t work for this format. Gospel is the good news and should come from your creativity and heart. When it comes from your heart it will reach hearts. I love the fact that I don’t have all those variables to drive my decisions now. I can do what I feel like I need to do to connect with my supporters.

What are you most expectant for in 2022?
I’m just in such a creative place. I’m looking to just explore my creativity. I started the year out with launching my own shoe line. So I expect there is no limit to the creativity that God has given all of us. I just want to explore that. I have a new film coming out in June called ‘The Fallen.” And more music too; I’m dropping more creative music to inspire people. So creativity is what to expect from me this year.

Source: thechristianbeat.org

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