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Linet Munyali, professionally known as Size 8, has challenged parents to break the generation trauma in their families.

The singer-turned-pastor believed it was their responsibility to rise and shield their families from the paralysing generation trauma.

The loving mother, who shared a family photo saying it was a testimony of God’s greatness, highlighted the trauma’s source.

To reverse the paralysing situation that has cropped up in the family unit, Size 8, who got emotional as she reunited with her kids in a cute video after her spell in hospital, noted the

Love and care
The celebrity encouraged parents and caregivers to raise their bar of love and care to their
children.”Be more loving and caring to your children. Help them be better parents in the future,” she
added. The former secular artiste shared a picture that showed two generations of parents and how they
chose their words.

Speak positively
While one spectrum of parents spoke negative words, another knelt down with a shield to protect
the young children from the paralysing words. She encouraged parents to speak positively, affirming their love and support for their bundles of joy

Fans react
Her fans concurred with her words as they swamped her comment section to support her.

Virgie Shi
“I and my siblings were prisoners of this, but God, because of who He is, gave me the revelation to speak positively against all words. This has really impacted our lives, and yes we have
to change our generations.”

Judy Scovy:
“Well! Size 8. During our times, duh !!! It used to be heck with our parents. They could use abusive words to express their feelings. Kwende huko kichwa kubwa kama drum ya wakorino.
However, you have inspired me dadaee. Our parents lol . Ilibidii tugrow nao nakuwaunderstand. Then forgive and forget.”

Ruth Mwangagi
“Someone called me stupid today loh . Jesus Christ, I speak fire here fire there fire everywhere
from the head him to the toes. I reverse this back to him.”

Size 8’s baby dies
In 2021, the singer recounted dropping to the floor and crying when medics said her baby had died.

She said the ordeal took a toll on her as she was engulfed by emotions, leaving her unable to
control herself. The gospel singer disclosed after isolating herself in her room for a long time she had accepted
the hard reality and moved on.

Source: TUKO.co.ke


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