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The Unfair Pay Gap Between Gospel and Secular Musicians – Patience Nyarko Speaks Out

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Ghanaian gospel musician, Patience Nyarko, has recently voiced her concerns about the pay disparity between gospel and secular artists in the music industry.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, she shed light on the prevalent issue of gospel musicians being paid significantly less than their secular counterparts, despite their talent and contributions to the music scene.

Nyarko emphasized that even A-list gospel musicians earn less than young secular artists with relatively less fame. She challenged any gospel artist who doubts her claims to come forward and refute them.

According to her, event organizers and churches often perceive gospel musicians as performing for Christ and therefore do not see the need to pay them higher fees. However, she argued that gospel musicians are often better performers, with superior stagecraft compared to some secular artists.

Nyarko highlighted that gospel artists typically focus on recording albums rather than singles, which incurs additional expenses. They also invest heavily in producing high-quality music videos.

Despite these efforts, they continue to receive lower compensation compared to secular musicians. In addition to addressing the pay gap issue, Nyarko recently released a new single titled “Tears of Joy.” Produced by Joe Amoah, the song encapsulates moments of happiness and celebration

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