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Counsellor Charlotte Oduro has said men who use monies meant to take care of their wives on their girlfriends are contenders for stroke.

“There are men who do not take care of their wives but use the resources to take care of side chicks. These men are candidates for stroke.

“When they get a stroke, they will be sent to their hometown. Their wives by then will be working on making themselves better people,” she said on Okay FM.

In a bid to advise women on how to catch a cheating husband, Charlotte explained that men lose focus when their lovers give them a mind-blowing bedroom experience.

She added that when this happens, their women easily pick up the scent of their cheating spouse because the desire for them goes down and they smile when they are all alone by themselves.

“When a man meets a woman who gives him good sex, he gets overwhelmed, it takes over his mind. He starts showing actions and acts like he’s never had sex, but for a woman, even when the sex is good, she still knows how to take care of herself without you ever finding out.”

“For men, once they are all alone, they start smiling and imagining things. Their speech and actions change all of a sudden. Most women are very smart, they can easily figure out when a man is cheating because they totally change toward them.”

Source: ghanaweb.com


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