For Singles: 4 Things To Look Into Before Deciding To Marry Someone – Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

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It is very important that singles up to third before they make their marital choices. You need to take lessons and notes from the experiences of the old ones before taking the further step into marriage. However, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo sends an important message to singles on four things they need to look into before deciding to marry someone. They are:

1. Christ

He said that the most important thing is for you to marry someone in Christ. Marry someone that loves god because human love Is not enough. You shouldn’t marry someone that is of a different spirit and your insecurity should not be in the fact that the person does not love you but in the fact that the person does not love God.

2. Character

He said that it is not everyone in Christ that have a godly character so it is very important you observe their character before marriage. If someone is verbally abusive today, he will be physically abusive tomorrow. Don’t think you can change someone with a bad character because you can’t.

3. Companionship

According to him, marriage is about friendship and it is important that you marry your friend. Don’t look for a wife and try to make her your friend, instead look for a friend and make her your wife. Anyone that can’t make it as a friend, can’t make it as a spouse.

4. Compatibility

He said that Someone can be a Christian, and you are not compatible. Can two work together except they agree? Amos 3:3. So it is not about similarity but you must be able to get along.


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