Pst Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

Whenever I Hear People Say, “Marriage Is Bad”, This Is What I Always Say” – Pst Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo

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Relationship Coach and Co-Pastor at David Christian Centre Pastor Mildred Okonkwo has revealed what she thinks when people say marriage is bad.

In her words:

One of the things I have learned overtime about marriage is that the quality of marriage is determined by the quality of people in it and I learned this lesson kind of the hard way… When I was much younger my mum told me to go and fry eggs and that time I can be lazy. I always had a novel in my hand and always look for the fast way to do everything??though she said go and fry four eggs so I went into the kitchen carried one bowl..

You know there’s an ordained way to fry egg…to fry egg is that you will break them individually before you pour it together to mix. So, because I did not have time I just broke the first three put everything together and God was still working for me it was good but by the time I broke the fourth one it was rotten.. So what now happened is that it now spoiled the rest of the eggs…. in other words, no matter how good you’re if you don’t marry somebody else who is equally good, your marriage will be bad..

Marriage is determined by the quality of people in the marriage. Marriage is not good or bad. Marriage takes the nature of the people in it. So, when you hear people say “ehhh marriage is bad”, marriage is not bad, it’s who they married. No matter how good you are if don’t marry someone who is equally good and who understands the principles of marriage, marriage will be bad.

And even if you think you can do it alone, let me tell you “marriage is too heavy for one person to carry”. That is why you see bitter people on social media talking about men being scum and scam…so you hear people saying all these kind of things because they have made the wrong choices.

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