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Australian-American Evangelist and motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic paid a visit to Kenya where he met with over 2,000 students at Ithanga, in Murang’a County, drawn from 14 public and private schools. This is the first visit since 2013 to the country for the world-renowned evangelist born without arms or legs.

Nick Vujicic Famous Evangelist in Kenya, over 1000+ Students Commit To Jesus

During the mission held on Thursday, June 9, he managed to talk them out of their plans and encouraged the minors positively.

“1,000+ students made a commitment to follow Jesus and ten letters were received saying that they planned out their suicide to be next week, but those plans no longer exist and now they’ve been changed fully from the inside out,” he disclosed.

Vujicic thanked his financial supporters and prayer warriors at LifeWithoutLimbs.org who helped facilitate their trip to Kenya to minister and start the plans for future large events.

During the visit, he noted that over 1,000 students had committed to following Jesus Christ.

“Thank you to the regional minister of education, all the officials and executives who made this possible, Ithanga Secondary School for hosting and K-Crew (Circuit Riders) for allowing us to partner with you on this event!” he added.

Vujicic went on to wish Kenyans peaceful elections on August 9, 2022 and expressed hope of returning to the country once new decisions are made on federal levels. He invited his followers to visit the East African country, noting that he would bring his family along with him on the next visit.

Source: vinepulse.com


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