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What I Noticed, After My Father Who Abused Me As A Young Girl Got Saved — Joyce Meyer

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Joyce Meyer, the cleric in charge of the America-based Joyce Meyer Ministries has taken to her official Facebook page to share the video of a message she delivered on the miracles of God and the particular type she would always consider the greatest.

In the video, from 0:27 seconds, the cleric has revealed in her words how that, seeing someone saved in Christ Jesus and having to turn a new leave has always surprised her in all miracles that God has been doing in the life of people. As revealed by the cleric, it is still the greatest miracle, so far. This the cleric has buttressed by sharing the experience of how her father got saved and what she started to notice from his life afterwards.

According to the cleric, she has reiterated the not-so-savoury childhood experience she had while growing up with her father. Apart from the fact that he abused her as a young girl, She has always known him to be a very saucy and aggressive man. No day would pass by without him using abusive and foul language. He also curses and swears freely, he was that mean of a person.

According to the cleric, a time came when she and her husband visited her father. She called her and apologized for all the ways he has treated her as a young girl. As revealed by the cleric, she knew that what her father needed then was salvation and nothing more. She asked him if he was ready to be saved, and he accepted she and her husband prayed for him and also baptized him.

As shared by the cleric, right from the day her father gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and was saved, everything about him changed. He no longer curses nor says foul words. Everything about him was changed and transformed into a good person. Someone who used to be very aggressive and intolerant became very soft and cool-headed. He laughed and is very considerate.

The Lord Jesus Christ has wrought a great miracle in his life which is still the greatest miracle, the miracle of salvation.

Source: Temperance – Opera News


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