Bishop Oyedepo and Wife Faith Oyedepo

Why My Marriage Has Been Hitch-free For 40 Years – Bishop Oyedepo

The presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo on Sunday said the secret of his hitch-free marriage for 40 years was because he got the blueprint from God.

Oyedepo celebrated his 40 years of marriage to Faith on Sunday, August 21, 2022.

In his sermon at Canaanland, Ogun State, Oyedepo said some 41 years ago, the Lord showed him the mystery of hitch-free marriage.

“Today makes it forty years hitch-free. It looked absurd, it looked uncivilized, and people said this folk talks too much. It looked unreal but today has anyone ever been invited to come look at this matter?

“Has there been any stress or strain behind the scene? They look ordinary but they are mighty through God. I was among the first humans that taught that thing. “It can’t be real, let’s watch first”. You know watching for 40 years without seeing what you are looking for means that it is real.

“Now every married home, every family here that is under any tension, I decree an end to such tensions today in the name of Jesus Christ,” he prayed.

Oyedepo said Jesus showed him on enquiry, saying “I knew He showed me. In those days you don’t usually have timing for teachings when the revival was coming in here newly. You just preach till when you are done.

“I remember teaching on hitch-free marriage for two hours and fifteen minutes. I was in heaven. Very simple thing. Some civilized people, Harvard graduates don’t know these simple things. I don’t have any experience about marriage.

“You know what they call experience, when we had this challenge see how we solved it. May every mystery of the kingdom hold value in your sight. When He showed me the mystery of Kingdom prosperity, I shouted “Yea! I can never be poor” am I poor today? By subscribing to the terms of the covenant.

“He is not just a heavenly Father that is a Father Christmas, He is a covenant-keeping God. He shows you what He wants to do when you do the following. If you don’t do it, you will not see it.”



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