Christians, Gospel Musicians Must Learn to Embrace Change – Empress Gifty

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Gospel musician, Empress Gifty, says Christians and gospel artistes should learn to adopt modern and exotic ways of doing music to better communicate their messages to the world.

Speaking in an interview with Fifi Folson on Up-Close, a new personality-focused segment on Joy FM’s ‘The Reason is Jesus’ on Sunday, she said gospel musicians should strive to make better use of modern technologies and platforms to sell their contents.

According to her, it would be misplaced for people to compare the current trends in the gospel music industry to the previous ways of doing things which she noted did not help the musicians to gain international recognition.

“When change comes, you need to embrace it and take the good ones in it. It’s about time the gospel industry, it’s about time Christians have to take this kind of perception out of our mind [and] in fact, delete it out of our system that if you are a Christian, you need to be poor.”

“I don’t see anything wrong if somebody wants a change; it is good. Why don’t we embrace what we have and polish it so that it will be so attractive to other people?” she quizzed.

Empress Gifty dismissed assertions that present-day gospel songs are not spiritual because it is the same Bible being used to write and compose the songs.

She further added that the media through which songs were produced and marketed have undergone a paradigm shift.

“It’s about time we stopped those words like ‘spiritual’; what is the meaning of that word? It’s a system and it’s a change, it’s a phrase; let’s embrace it and stop bringing the spirit that will push us to that level down.”

“A lot has changed because it’s a time and a season. At that time, it was cassette and then moved to CD so the process of you going into a studio to bring out something wasn’t that expensive than today,” she explained.

The songstress, therefore, wants her colleagues and the Christian community to stop living in the past and adopt new ways of serving God.

“You need to learn fast to catch the era and the season that we are in. If you are not ready to learn, you will still stay where you are. You may have a good song but you cannot go to where you want to go so the change is for you to learn and focus.”


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