Shika Drommo

Don’t Let Social Media Pressure You – Shika Drommo Advises Youth

Like numerous other kingdom influencers and gospel acts, Shika Drommo has been open about the pressures of social media and advocates using it responsibly.

The anointed minstrel lately revealed that social media wasn’t a reflection of real life. She believes that people find it problematic to separate between real life and the polished terrain of social media.

“ Don’t mistake social media for reality, ” advised Shika. “ For me, social media is a place where we can express ourselves about whatever is going on in our lives, but what you see there’s only an unreality. Social media can be useful and dangerous. Social media has harmed us in numerous ways and has blessed us in numerous ways. It has damaged us to the extent that we no longer have faith in ourselves. As you can see on social media, nothing is ever simple. ” “ People share their stylish remembrances and topmost achievements on social media because they want the world to know about them and because they’re proud of them. In actuality, some people simply engage in it to boast, show their wealth, and
inspire covetousness in others. Living within your limits isn’t a sin. Avoid being compelled into an unrealistic actuality by social media, Shika Drommo explained. ”

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com