Don’t Stop Giving Offerings During This Coronavirus Pandemic – Uncle Ato

Don’t Stop Giving Offerings During This Coronavirus Pandemic – Uncle Ato: Gospel musician, Uncle Ato has waded into discussion over whether or not offertory should be paid to Pastors particularly during these trying times of coronavirus.

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the closure of churches, nonetheless religious leaders have engaged in virtual services where they reach out to their members via online platforms.

Heads and Founders of various churches have been delivering the Word of God using online avenues and also on Television networks across the country, to interact with and also ensure their congregation and followers continue to tune into the spiritual frequency of their Maker as they get glued to their screens in the comfort of their homes.

However, during these virtual services, the Pastors have been calling for offertory (Offerings) to be paid via mobile money and other online platforms.

In view of this practice, there has arisen a debate on whether or not Pastors should still request offertory during this pandemic. Is it even necessary that people pay their monies whether as offering or mobile money to the churches particularly during these trying times of coronavirus?

According to the musician, people are misintepreting the act of giving offertory to mean payment to Pastors to enrich themselves.

Speaking in an interview with host Abeiku Santana on Okay FM’s drive time “Ekwanso Brebre”, Uncle Ato defused such notion explaining that giving is a blessing from God and therefore no one should be against the collection of offertory by Pastors because it will be credited to their ”blessing” account in heaven.

He noted that though the nation is in difficult times, it shouldn’t stop people, especially Christians, from making a little contribution in the form of offertory to invoke the blessings of God upon them.

”It appears we’re giving offering for giving sake but if you could remember, in church, we say ‘offering time’ and we respond ‘blessing time’. So, the opportunity to give is an opportunity for God to bless. So, we should even be sad and cry that we are not getting opportunity to give”, he replied skeptics.


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