Dr Lawrence Tetteh And Ebony

Ebony Had Nothing, Her Death Opened Doors For Her Family – Rev Dr Lawrence Tetteh

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Founder and President of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, has stated that the death of Ghanaian dancehall/afrobeats artist, Ebony, brought about a breakthrough for her family.

According to him, the female singer was still in the early stages of her career and faced financial instability, as did her family.

“Ebony had nothing, you can quote me anywhere, she was not 21 years yet when she died, her biggest contract with Bullet and the team had not materialized before she died, Ebony had also never gone to Europe before when she died.”

“The only privilege she had to go abroad was what connected me to her at the Hungarian embassy three days after which she died, so she never really had a breakthrough, she was in a pipeline for a major breakthrough but it never happened.”

“So when she died, there was nothing at home, the truth was that it was rather the death of Ebony that even opened certain doors,” he said.

He added that he played a pivotal role in arranging Ebony’s funeral, especially when he realized the family needed assistance.

“I did help financially; in fact, I took charge of the funeral. Everything concerning Ebony’s funeral was planned in my house; everybody came to my house, her record label, MUSIGA, her family, they were all in my house.”

“We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner in my house; we became like a family. Ebony’s father became like my brother. Anytime he flares up, I’m the only one who could calm him down, and I took him to every place and I introduced him to all the Presidential leaders.”

“And then also, I helped in making sure we secured the forecourt of the State House for the funeral. I also bought and paid for her coffin,” he recalled.

Dr. Tetteh mentioned that the death of Ebony did not come as a shock to him; rather, he was excited that she received salvation 72 hours before her death.

“Shock is an understatement. I thanked God rather for her, that at least she met Christ 72 hours before she was called into glory,” he said.

Ebony, unfortunately, died in a tragic accident on February 8, 2018, while returning from Sunyani to Accra after visiting her mother. She died eight days before her 21st birthday.

Her assistant and longtime friend, Franklina Yaa Nkansah Kuri, and a soldier, Atsu Vondee, were also killed in the fatal accident.

The only survivor of the crash was the driver named Phinehas, who resides in Teshie, Greater Accra.

Source: myjoyonline.com


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