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Evelyn Branford Talks About A “Mind-Blowing” Encounter With The Holy Spirit

In an interview with Rev. Mrs. Victoria Creepy (Women of Influence), Kingdom Influencer Evelyn Branford, who has a strong spiritual perspective, talked about her “very mind-blowing encounter” with the tangible spirit of God and how that experience is one of the reasons she is now “versatile in songwriting.”

“In 2015, I had a visitation from the Holy Spirit, and he granted me the ability to write songs,” Evelyn remarked when explaining his encounter with the Spirit. With God’s guidance, I unlocked my debut album, titled “Soon Coming King”, in 2016. I began writing professionally in 2015.”

“It’s a very mind-blowing encounter when it happens; it’s undeniable,” Evelyn said. “The challenge for me was to heed God’s call. I did not include the work of God in my plan. I just had educational goals in mind. I eventually had a conversation with God, asking Him to give me the spirit of excellence and His grace to carry out His work,” she added.

The iconic Christian singer claims that she wants any one who listens her music, whether it be through a live performance or an album, to feel a connection to something bigger than themselves.

The “Ameni” hitmaker wants her lyrics’ of her song to have an imprint on people’s lives and inspire them to be lights in this world.

Evelyn Branford is an immensely gifted gospel singer with a positive attitude who seeks to sing, inspire, and preach the word of God.

Evelyn’s goal is to use the vehicle of worship to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and His gift of everlasting salvation. As she sets out on this mission, she bases herself on Philippians 2:13. Because God is the one who causes you to act and will in accordance with his good purposes.

Evelyn aims to start the process of giving women in both privileged and underprivileged communities a public voice. Evelyn is currently a volunteer director for a New York-based Charity whose mission is to mobilise the world to promote the education of African girls.

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