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God Is Also In Chaos – Majid Michel On Relying On God’s Promises In Times Of Trouble

Ghanaian actor Majid Michel, a staunch Christian, has admonished Ghanaians to cultivate a positive outlook in turbulent times. He told Giovani on 3FM Drive that bad things happening does not mean God is not in our lives.

Majid’s comments were a response to what he thinks about the current economic crises in the country. He begins by drawing attention to the importance of perspective.

He added that attributing only good things to God is faulty. He gave a scenario about a tenant thrown out of their home, lamenting about being rejected by God because of the situation. Hours later, this tenant receives news of a robbery attack that kills everyone in his old apartment. Now, the tenant, bitter against God, is thanking God for being evicted.

“You were angry with God for them kicking you out of the house. Why have you changed your mind? Do you think that only good things happen when God is with you? It’s a lie. God is also in chaos. He said I will be with you in trouble, not before the trouble.”

Majid also advised Ghanaians to be cautious with the things they make because words are powerful. He continued by saying that calling politicians corrupt is a projection on them which will make them villainous.

“If everyone is saying negative things about the economy, you have to stand up and project good things with your mouth.



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