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I Almost Reacted When A Lady Said On Radio That My Wife Was Pregnant Before We Married – Joe Mettle

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Gospel singer, Joe Mettle says that after he got married, there were rumours circulating that he did that to cover up his wife’s supposed pregnancy, but he let that slide.

However, he almost lost control when a particular woman confidently sat on national radio to fuel those claims.

According to him, it seemed the woman deliberately wanted to destroy his family, thus he wanted to come to his wife’s defense.

“There was even one lady on one of the stations, she said oh she’s pregnant, and that he married her because she was pregnant and the parents said if he doesn’t marry the girl bla bla bla, she even said she had a reliable source.

“For the very first time, I almost took action but I was like you know what, it’s not necessary so we had to talk to her, unfortunately where she worked I know the owner of the station”, he explained

Speaking on Prime Morning on Joy Prime, Mr Mettle said his wife was affected by those rumours because she had just gotten married.

“I happen to be in this, so I do understand. So even if you talk about me and stuff I really don’t mind.

“My wife doesn’t get affected by these rumours, but around that time, it was new to her, she had just gotten married. So it was a lot, but she’s fine”, he indicated.

He also mentioned that, as the busy man he is, he always tries to spend more time with his family every chance he gets.

He added that he has decided not to use a nanny to take care of his child, because it is better to create the bond when they are kids and most times, nannies take away that opportunity.

The singer added that his fans should expect a beautiful local song from him this year.



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