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Ghanaian gospel musician, Florence Obinim has established that she is not bothered about trolls on social media because she gets more blessed.

Speaking on the entertainment segment on TV3 New Day, she stated that social media trolls are completely discouraging adding that one must learn to deal with such prosecution.

“I will always get trolled so far as I have chosen to be a follower of Christ. Jesus Christ was spoken ill of, how much more me, being a follower of him. Trolls do not get to me. Sometimes when people criticize and speak ill of you, they have no idea that it is rather taking you to the next level. Trolling is like an exam for Christians, and I am a Christian. So I do not get so bothered.”

Florence revealed that she received emotional support from friends in the gospel fraternity at a time her husband, Bishop Obinim, was plagued with crises.

After taking a break from the music scene, Florence makes a comeback with her new single titled ‘Adekye3 mu Nsem’.

She disclosed that the song encourages people to have hope and persist in achieving their goals each day.

“It is a blessing even when you wake up from bed. Do not think God does not want to give you something you asked from him because he still hasn’t provided. So far as you are awake, there is hope to get what you have yearned to have. Waking up to see another day is enough. So just give thanksgiving to God,” she reiterated.

Touching on the 2021 edition of ‘Women in Worship’ as electrifying worship, Florence said participants will be drawn closer to God.

“God’s power is manifested in me, so when coming for the program, make a request to God and tell yourself that with faith, you will receive what you what by the end of the program.”

Source: 3news.com

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