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Award-winning gospel musician, Empress Gifty has said she no longer has friends after a painful and bitter experience she had with some former friends.

According to the singer, she has been betrayed multiple times by persons she thought were her friends. She attributed her failed marriage to friends because they had backstabbed her after she detailed to them the happenings in her marriage. This she said has destroyed her inner peace and joy.

“I am very scared of humans. I have had a lot of experiences, so now, I choose my friends because I don’t want anyone to be a burden to me. I took some people as family but it ended bitterly. Can you imagine you step out with someone you call a friend, and on your blind side, there is an issue with your outfit? Rather than telling me, she phoned my husband at home and complained that a married woman of my calibre stepped out looking bad,” Empress Gifty told Emelia Brobbey on the Okukuseku show.

Touching on her relationship with her colleague gospel singers, the ‘Aseda’ singer mentioned that, a lot of gospel musicians she knows are not different from her former friends. Aside from backstabbing and betrayals, there are some colleagues in the music industry who take it upon themselves to sabotage her when she secures gigs.

She said, “I billed someone from Nigeria to Ghana for a show and after she had arrived, she had a call from another singer enquiring why of all the musicians she agreed to me. This is something that happened about a month ago, and I can tell you more which happened in the past.”

Empress Gifty also accused her church and spiritual family of shaming her when her marriage went south.

“I told my heartfelt issues to some people and when my marriage hit rock bottom, they used my issue as a theme of their preaching. They sold me out in the highest level,” she added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


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