I Contemplated Suicide in My Hardest Time – Duncan Williams Confesses

The General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI), Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has confessed that he once contemplated suicide sometime ago amid the difficult time of his life particularly when TD Jakes invited him to dedicate the Potters House.

However, speaking to the congregation, the AFM Founder disclosed that he had been combating with suicidal thoughts during the moment of his pain and struggle, betrayals, attacks, disappointments and failures hence decided to end his life (suicide) and that was the most difficult time in his life.

He revealed that it was a spirit assigned against him to mentally shell him to give up living on earth and commit suicide. The eminent preacher further explained:

When TD Jakes invited me I was dealing with so much shame and rejection that I decided I was not going to honour the invitation because it would open me up to too many questions. Later, I took all of myself and said I would do it. As soon as I said yes, people started calling to the Potters House and said you can’t have Duncan. Do you know what is going on in his life? So Bishop Jakes called me and asked, what’s going on?  And I said why? He said we are having too many calls coming in; everybody is talking about you and all that. And I said, it’s nothing new, it’s the same old devil. The devil is fighting me and I am also fighting him and he is angry me. So it’s the same thing I have told you. There is nothing new and he said Okay that’s fine. And it opened me up to all kinds of contradictions and people were angry that in the midst of my shame and what they call defeat in my life I was invited to do such an honourable thing. Sitting there was the Vice President of the United State and big personalities in the Christian community were sitting there.

Buttressing his stance with a scripture when he took the microphone amid the commitment of the Potter’s House, the man of God said: “Lord many are they that have written me off and have said they is no hope for me and that I am finished. They said politically, financially, religiously I am finished, there is no hope for me but thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.”

The Potter House dedication prayer took about seven (7) minutes and that opened America for Archbishop Duncan Williams.

Today Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has churches littered across the world, with membership running into several thousands; he has a Dominion university training young pastors and giving education which he barely had; he is a father to many, something he battled to have.

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