Veteran Gospel Artiste Esther Smith

I Feel Honoured When Musicians Sample My Songs – Veteran Gospel Artiste Esther Smith

Iconic Ghanaian gospel musician Esther Smith has said on the 3FM Drive that she feels accomplished as a musician whenever she hears a new musician sample or does a cover of her old songs.

Esther Smith told host Giovani that the feeling of knowing she recorded a good song that budding musicians pick inspiration from leaves her in awe.

“When I see something like that, all I say is Glory be to God. Because who am I to sing and have someone do a cover of my song,” she said.

The veteran cited an example of a gospel musician in Belgium who had done a complete refix of her song and launched it as a new project.

Her stance is the exact opposite of a statement her contemporary Cindy Thompson made on social media after a budding musician sampled her song.

Cindy Thompson said the glory of God was not in the upcoming musician because she could not write her own song.

“I won’t do all the all-nights and write the songs for someone [to take and disseminate without my permission].”

Speaking on how long Esther Smith has been serving the Lord with her voice, the 46-year-old singer said she has over 20 years of experience under her belt.

She also opined that she does not think the gospel industry has changed compared to their era but believes both old and new gospel musicians are thriving in their own way.

“What I know is [that] it has not changed. God does new things every day and He brings something new up every season,” she said in Twi, adding that the new school gospel musicians are doing very well.