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I Relocated To Germany Because Of My Son’s Heart Condition – Esther Smith

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Ghanaian Musician, Esther Smith, has opened up about circumstances that led her to relocate to Germany.

According to her, she had to relocate from Ghana to Germany because of her son’s heart condition.

She says a machine was placed in her son’s heart in order to enable him to live so she had to relocate so he could get proper medical care.

Relocating she says helped her receive the best medical care and now her son is a footballer who is gradually making a good name for himself.

“I relocated from Ghana because of my son’s heart condition. My son had a battery in his heart and when the battery went off, it meant his life was being cut short. But now, he is safe and plays football.

“My son is doing well now and I’m happy about it,” she said.

Esther Smith said even away from Ghana and her son’s condition, she joined the Church of England Choir and kept on performing and that did not set her back.

The musician has released her latest album.


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