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Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said those seeking his downfall will be disappointed because he will outlast and outlive them.

In a recent sermon, the founder of Action Chapel International said: “Thirty years ago, before we came here, everything you see here and other places that we own, I declared it; and folks and people looked at me like something was wrong with me because I was saying things that my mind could not make sense of. Some thought I was arrogant, some thought ‘there was something wrong with him’ but everything I proclaimed has come to pass and is still coming to pass”.

“And I stand to proclaim again before heaven and earth that I will outlast and I will outlive all those who desire my head and seek for an occasion to make a statement to prove a point that they shall be disappointed and disadvantaged and I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living and I will outsmart, outlive and outlast all of them – known and unknown”, he told the congregation.

“You can go and mess me up, you can go and misrepresent me to anybody – which is very common in our society. Ye; people have this ministry and anointing to misrepresent other people, to go to the powers that be and lie about you, go and misrepresent you, say things that are not true; when somebody fights you and they realise that they are not winning and you are too powerful for them, they go and find someone else they think is powerful to get at you and they go and lie about, misrepresent you”, the renowned preacher said without being specific about any issue.

He added: “Men, presidents, first ladies, prime ministers, ministers of state, apostles, bishops, archbishops, [and] prophets can change their mind about you when people go and lie about you. They will not even check whether what they are hearing is true or not. They’ll just change their mind about you [and] their opinions and perceptions of you, but there is one who knows all things about you, there is one who knows your end from your beginning and nobody can change his mind about you. It doesn’t matter what you go and tell God about me, you can’t change His mind about me because he knows me in and out. … God doesn’t change his mind of us”.

He then led the congregation to pray against the “enemy”, saying: “Anyone that calls themselves an adversary, anyone that calls themselves an enemy within our own dwelling, within our house and beyond; home or abroad, whoever they are that call themselves enemy – known or unknown – they will not proceed any further; ye, they will not do us any harm anymore; ye, their defences depart from them; ye, they shall fall by their own devices; ye, they will fall by their own sword; ye, they will fall into the very pit they have dug for us; ye, they will fall into the very net they have set for us, they shall be disadvantaged, they shall not prosper, they will be put to shame, they shall be disappointed [they] that seek and desire our head and waiting for an occasion to make a statement or to prove a point against us, our family, our loved ones, our country; ye, let them be as chaff before the wind, let the angel of the Lord persecute them, let them be as grass upon the field that withereth away before it grows up; ye, let them be like the flower that faded by the going down of the sun. But as for us oh Lord, our eyes are upon you”.

“The Lord shall deliver every known and unknown enemy into our hands and they will not go unpunished in the name of the Lord Jesus; they shall not rejoice over us; they will not have an occasion to say, ‘Uh huh, uh huh, this is the way we’ll have it’; ye, they will never have an occasion to prove a point”, he prayed.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams observed: “It’s amazing how the things we see and hear can impact the choices we make in life”.

In his preaching, he admonished: “… If we don’t rehearse the promises [of God], we’ll end up believing the things we see and hear on the internet, social media and television and the media”.

“We’ll end up like the children of Israel believing what they heard and what they saw. You cannot be moved by what you hear or by what you see because ladies and gentlemen, there is only one reality in life; only one reality and that one reality is what God says; everything else is a lie”, he told the congregation.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams share his personal experience with the congregation, saying: “I’ve been dealing with so much and going through all kinds of situations and I see that the Lord is testing my faith. Through some of the things I’m dealing with, I see the Lord is testing my faith and also my obedience and He’s also teaching me new skills”.

“I’m dealing with a situation and it looks bad in the natural but in my spirit, I feel peace, green light and victory and yet, physically, everything is falling apart and everybody is saying: ‘Papa, you got to do something’, ‘Papa what are you doing?’, ‘Papa, have you heard?’, ‘Papa, what’s going on?’, ‘Papa, do something’; and inside of me, I know there is nothing I can do because God is working it out and that I have the victory already; that the outcome is going to favour me but yet, physically, I’m pressure, I’m under pressure to say something and do something and the Lord is saying, ‘You don’t have to say anything, you don’t have to do anything; I’m handling it; just hold your peace’ and my humanity and my flesh [are] not allowing me; and people around me are not allowing me to obey God and to let the Spirit have His way, so, I’m pressurised and sometimes my humanity tries to take over from my divinity and I say something I shouldn’t say, I do something I shouldn’t do and I feel grieved in my spirit and the Holy Spirit is very gentle and He’ll whisper and say: ‘But I told you I’m handling it; why are you doing this? Why are you interfering with the process? Why don’t you just let me handle it? Why don’t you trust me? Why don’t you lean on me?’”

Without letting out any details about the issue at hand, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said: “I know it’s going to work out. I have a witness in my spirit. I have a green light that God is working it out but the things I’m hearing [don’t] look like anything is changing and the things I’m seeing contradict the witness of my spirit and it’s like everything is falling apart: ‘You got to do something Papa; act, do something!’ And the Spirit says, ‘Do nothing’. Then somebody says: ‘Have you called So So and So?’ and the Spirit says, ‘Don’t call anybody; your life is in the halo of my hands; I am your defender, I am the God of the armies of Israel, I am Yahweh, I fight your battles; call nobody, say nothing, hold your peace’; and, sometimes, I can’t help it. Sometimes my humanity wants to prove a point, my humanity must say something and the Spirit says, ‘You don’t have to say anything; let me do it, let me handle this’. And, then somebody will suddenly come to me and bring up the subject that the Spirit says ‘Do nothing about’ and it triggers something in me and my humanity wants to step out and prove a point and then after I’ve said something after the Spirit says, ‘But you didn’t have to say anything’, so, what happens? I have to start all over again. I failed the test. So, He said, ‘No problem; I’ll give you another opportunity to see’”.

He said: “To stand on a higher place and higher ground, you have to crucify this flesh, you have to be void of ego and self; you got to come to a place where nothing matters anymore but your relationship with God, where nothing matters anymore but god’s approval of you”.

Source: classfmonline.com

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