Shika Drommo

Kingdom Class Worshipper, Shika Drommo On Remembering Christians That Are Being Persecuted

US-based female Ghanaian gospel singer, songwriter, and recording artiste Shika Drommo took to social media this week to urge Christians to persistently pray for Christians who are suffering persecution for their beliefs in other areas of the world rather than remaining silent after sharing a blog post of a Nigerian student brutally murdered for sharing Jesus in Shehu Shagari College of Education in Wamako, Sokoto State.

Shika expressed her concern at the injustices endured daily by Jesus Christ followers as well as the persecution taking place in many countries throughout the world.

What happens to our brother also happens to us, according to the Bible. Just because we don’t personally experience persecution in the same way as others do not mean that we are exempted from it. In some places on Earth, Christians genuinely give up their lives for the Gospel. We have an obligation to regularly remember those of us who live in repressive and oppressive societies in our prayers. Just as followers of Jesus Christ need our prayers, so do the persecutors. Let’s ask God to soften their hearts.  Let’s ask God to reveal Himself to people who do not yet know Him. I think it’s a sign of something bigger happening in the Body of Christ given the depths of this experience Christians are going through, Shika Drommo stated in an interview with Sampson Annan of GospelEmpireGh.

Christians are the most persecuted group in the world, according to a report earlier this year from the Center for Studies on New Religions, which also claimed that 90,000 Christians were killed in 2016 as a result of their belief in Jesus Christ.

For the singer-songwriter, it’s important to intercede for those suffering.

The outstanding quality that defines Drommo is her abiding love for God and for singing.

Her goals are to win over lost souls, strengthen the church, and use her heaven-class song to touch people’s lives profoundly and make Christ more apparent to her listeners.

She has worked as a Praise and Worship leader in numerous churches for the past 20 years in a variety of cultures and on the continents of Africa, Europe, and North America.

Shika has also been actively involved in church ministry through her preaching, her leadership of prayer teams, and her work in the ushering and children’s ministries.

The Gospel Vessel has a tireless vibrancy that inspires and drives people, and she is a tremendously powerful force in her music ministry.

Shika is genuinely passionate and sensitive about the songs she writes, and this compassion is evident in the message she conveys via her lyrics.

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com