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Ghana-based international gospel artiste, Alexandrah Aboagye simply known by stage name ‘Alexandrah’ has highlighted her reasons why humans must position their concept and make it work; failure to do so could result in men perceiving your vision as a joke.

The high calibre shared these empowering words and revelation on her Facebook account to energize those who are still waiting for their helpers to come their way instead of putting themselves together by putting their vision into action.

She posted;

If you don’t put yourself together, no one will see the need to come to your aid. Men are not like God who sees the heart, men see what is available to the eye .Until you position your concept men will see your vision as concert. So after you have prayed after you have given thanks, go out to the deep and make an effort to make it work, that’s when God comes in. I haven’t walked with God long but even this short time I have learnt that your options shield your eyes from beholding His glory therefore until you exhaust your options; you will not see His manifestation. God is bringing you that miracle!

ALEXANDRAH was born to an awfully vibrant music family. Being the only child of highly learned musicians, her mother began mentoring and and saddling her vocal capabilities from the get go.

When formal education began for her, she joined a non-denominational singing group: SHINNING STARS, at age seven (7).

Though she was the youngest in the group, she was the lead vocalist of the group of fifty (50).

Under the auspices of SHINNING STARS, ALEXANDRAH got the opportunity to minister on several platforms; countless church concerts and state functions.

With time, she found her way into the hearts of people by her one of a kind voice and irresistible ministry.

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