Most Gospel Musicians are Not Called by God – Cindy Thompson

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Ghanaian veteran Gospel musician, Cindy Thompson says not all gospel artistes are called by God.

According to the ‘Kwankyerefo Jesus’ singer, the fact that someone has a nice voice to sing gospel songs does not mean they have been called by God to propagate His message.

“The fact that people tell you, you have a nice voice doesn’t mean you are called by God. You may have the gift which comes to everyone in different ways but God should direct you as to what you have to do with it and how to use it,” she said in an interview.

She urged gospel music lovers to be careful of fake gospel musicians around the world.

“I recall I had an event in Holland and before my performance, a choir came to sing very beautifully. After the show, we had to go and grab something to eat and to my surprise I saw the choristers taking their robes off, pulling out cigarettes and alcohol and I was shocked. I went to ask them if they knew what they were doing was wrong and to my amazement, they answered that they were not Christians but only singers. Some said, they sang because they have the voice and people encouraged them to join the choir but they were not believers of the things of God or Christians.”

She defined a true gospel musician as anyone who is called by God and understands the ministry he or she is in.

“Whatever step one takes, one asks God for guidance; one waits for Him to speak before he or she acts. When one has been called by God, one does not associate with the things of this world. “One is not in competition with anyone because one trusts the person who has called you,” she noted.


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