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Piesie Esther Explains How She Went Through Hardship Before Becoming Famous

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Most Ghanaians have been moved by gospel singer Piesie Esther’s inspiring “grass to grace” tale.

Contrary to rumors that Piesie Esther came from a wealthy family, the gospel singer claims that she had to work very hard to get to where she is now.

The singer of “Waye Me Yie”, Piesie Esther claimed that during her difficult years, she occasionally slept on an empty stomach since she was so poor that she couldn’t afford to buy food.

iesie Esther stated that excessive suffering in life can easily cause someone to lose hope in an interview on Kumasi’s Hello FM.

Apparently, she said;

“What I’m thankful for and happy about is that no matter what the struggles I’ve been through God used that to prepare me for a better future.

“Sometimes you feel that you are suffering too much in this world and your suffering can make you lose hope,” she remarked on the show.

“But in those moments of your suffering if you are able to persevere in the Lord, that’s where you can be uplifted to honour you for your steadfastness.”

The majority of our well-known superstars were from low-income families; they were only able to succeed, so we are told, because they never gave up on themselves.

Piesie Esther is a living example of how everything is possible if you work hard and pray.

Source: kingdomfmnews.com

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