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Founder and leader of the Glorious Word and Power Ministries and ‘Spiritual father’ to our current President, Rev Owusu Bempah, has taken a swipe at prophets who are prophesying victory for the NDC led by John Dramani Mahama in the 2020 general elections.

According to Rev Owusu Bempah, it’s only prophets who are hungry and greedy for money who can claim that Mahama would win the next election when it’s already known in the ‘spiritual’ realm that God has rejected Mahama.

Bempah, who prophesied numerous times before the last election that NPP would win, but then also prophesied that Hillary Clinton would win the U.S election, has many times since Mahama was kicked out stated emphatically that the ‘dead goat’ would never be President of Ghana ever again.

According to him, God has rejected him and his time as leader of Ghana is over.

However, with Mahama declaring his intention to run again in 2020 Bempah says pastors and friends close to him are giving him bad advice to run again because of the money they are chopping from him.

“I’m very sad Mahama is listening to people and going back to stand for the flagbearership race. He needs to see himself as an Ex-President,” Rev Owusu Bempah said on Neat Fm.

“I really don’t know those deceiving him, But those pastors and friends who are calling for his comeback and predicting his win are only doing so because of his money.”

The preacher added that those deceiving the ex-President are only letting him waste his time and money and he should rather stay home and rest because there’s no way he’s coming back to power in this country.

Source: ghanacelebrities.com


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