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Shika Drommo’s Purpose-Driven Ministry: Spreading Redemption Through Music

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In a world crowded with distractions, Gospel singer Shika Drommo stands out, not just for her powerful voice but for her unwavering dedication to her ministry’s true purpose: winning and transforming souls for God’s glory.

In a recent interview with Sampson Annan of Gospel Empire Gh, Shika shared her profound belief If the ministry God has entrusted her with is not winning and transforming souls, it is a waste of time.

For Shika, worship is more than performance—it’s a sacred calling to impact lives. Her deep faith guides every chord she strikes and every note she sings.

From a young age, Shika felt called to use her gift to share the Gospel’s message of love and redemption. Her music resonates worldwide, touching hearts and souls.

Success, for Shika, isn’t about fame—it’s about changing lives. Through her music, she’s witnessed countless stories of transformation, from newfound faith to healing.

But Shika’s ministry goes beyond the stage. She actively engages with her audience, seeking opportunities to connect and make a difference.

As Shika continues her ministry, she remains committed to being a vessel of God’s love and transformation. Join her on this journey to spread the Gospel and touch lives with God’s redeeming love.

“Together, let’s make every moment count in the pursuit of winning and transforming souls for eternity,” she added.

Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com


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