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Avoid Drinking From Every Cup – Shika Drommo Advises

Shika Drommo is a well-known gospel singer and songwriter who has been active in the field for more than 20 years.

Over that time, she has served as a Praise and Worship leader in many churches in various cultures and on the continents of Africa, Europe, and North America.

She is well-known for speaking out on a range of issues that have an impact on the church and Christians in general.

Shika Drommo recently discussed her views on the need for gospel artistes and ministers of God to exercise caution in relation to the types of persons and activities they choose to connect with. She advised gospel artistes not to drink from every cup, in other words, not to compromise their faith and beliefs in the name of fame, fortune, or popularity.

Drinking from every cup, she said, can result in losing one’s identity, integrity, and goal as a gospel singer.

According to her, although some cups could appear alluring and appealing, they might also contain poison that can ruin one’s relationship with God and one’s ministry.

She forewarned that the enemy could send some cups in an effort to hinder and divert gospel artistes from their assignment. She urged gospel musicians to just sip from the Lord’s cup, which is the cup of grace, truth, and salvation.

She claimed that partaking of the Lord’s cup would give one joy, peace, and the ability to resist any temptation or trial.

Drinking from the Lord’s cup, according to her, will also make it possible for one to successfully and significantly administer to others.
She challenged gospel artistes and ministers of the gospel to make wise decisions and alliances. She advised them to seek God’s wisdom and direction in whatever they undertake. 

She advised them to be honest and upfront with their peers, leaders, and mentors in the gospel music industry. She said that by doing so, they will protect their reputation, credibility and influence as gospel artistes.

She claimed that by doing this, they will safeguard their impact as gospel musicians as well as their reputation and trustworthiness.

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