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The general overseer of Alabaster International Ministry, Dr. Prophet Kofi Oduro has affirmed that there is nothing like religious equality. According to him, the God of the bible is not the God of other religions.

Supporting his argument, Prophet Oduro quoted John 15:1-3 clarify that there can be many vines but that there is a true vine amongst the many vines.

In a Video Monitored by GospelEmpireGh.Com, the bold prophet of God further expatiated that there are many religions but Christianity is not a religion. He urged Christians to desist following arguments that lead to the equalization and comparison of Christianity to other religions because Jesus does not have a co-equal or a similitude personality.

Speaking to his congregants, the Head of Alabaster International Ministry, Dr. Prophet Kofi Oduro said: “a Christian person must not be compared to a Muslim, a Buddhist, Traditionalist or Astrologer because no one can go to God except through Jesus Christ. If you don’t understand, let’s wait on the day of reckoning when God will separate His children from the sinner of the world. I have warned you. Don’t ever heap blames on me during the judgement because today I have said the truth to you. We are not serving the same God. The God of the bible is not the God of other religions.”

The respected man of God further expressed displeasure at the men of God and Church leaders who are reluctant in saying the truth that the God of the bible is not the God of other religions, he said;

“Just this little truth that I am telling you, church leaders cannot voice out”

“In expansion to all these, I am not condemning anybody. I am telling you the truth. Make sure before you die, you have Christ,” he said.

Prophet Oduro justified his sermon by quoting John 5:22 ‘For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son’.




Source: GospelEmpireGh.Com




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