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Ghanaian actor cum evangelist, Majid Michel, has said that women are more intelligent and stronger than men. He said this during a recent interview, while promoting his latest movie. Majid Michel premised his argument on the scriptures and the design of iPhones. He said, “I think the most attractive part of the woman is her brain. If Apple created this cell phone (iPhone) and they’re about to do the next one, the next one would definitely be more advanced than the previous one.

“God made the man first and made the woman second. So the women are definitely more sophisticated, definitely more intelligent and definitely stronger than us. It intrigues me to find out about this woman. I love women above all things.”

“God said I’ll make you a help now. You see If I want to lift this table and I need help, do I need someone weaker than me or stronger than me? Or I’m doing my homework, do I need someone less intelligent? “No! So if God said I will give you a helpmate then it means He is giving you someone more intelligent who can help you get it. Women are more advanced.”

Source: lifestyle.ng


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