The founder of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Reverend Eastwood Anaba Ministries, has advised the youth against exorbitant and flamboyant marriage ceremonies.

The international preacher is of the belief that marriage has nothing to do with the ceremony and the wedding ring but rather a relationship between the two people who have agreed to love and cherish each other.

To him, in recent times, the youth look at marriages as ceremonies rather than a journey and therefore spend huge sums of money on when they can spend less and live happily ever after.

“Don’t wait for money to marry. For some of you the reason why you are wasting time to marry is because you are waiting for money. You don’t even understand marriage. Marriage is not the ring, it’s a relationship. So if you are going to marry and you don’t have money for 24 karat gold, go and look for copper that resembles gold.

“There is no point in getting 24 gold and after that you are owing 24 karats. The marriage is not the ring. Show me where in the Bible do they say when you are going to marry you must have a gold ring, show me where in the Bible did they say when you’re going to marry you must cut a high cake, wear a wedding gown. There are a lot of things which are not imperative. The truth is that there are things I don’t know how to do. One of the things I can’t do is a wedding, I’ve never blessed a wedding,” he told his congregation.

Using himself as an example, the Preacher indicated that he Preached on the day of his wedding.

“That day I remember I preached myself and they had driven us from our meeting place and the church had scattered so we succeeded in gathering on that Sunday and I preached and after that I laid hands on the sick and prayed for them then I put on my coat, my wife was also wearing a skirt suit and they called us forward and now prayed for us and blessed the marriage. In going to do a wedding you will owe a lot of money. How will you pay for that? It will cause upset and fights in marriages,” he advised.


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