Broda Sammy and Cecilia Marfo

Brother Sammy is Unserious; An Attention Seeker – Cecelia Marfo

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Gospel musician, Cecilia Marfo has described her colleague singer in the gospel fraternity, Brother Sammy, as an unserious individual.

According to her, the latter is also an attention seeker.

Speaking in an interview on Joy Prime’s morning show on Tuesday, the award-winning singer recounted how Brother Sammy reached out to her to cook up a ‘beef’ for publicity.

“He recently called me for fake ‘beef’, but I ignored him. I’m jovial, so he wanted us to exchange insults on social media, but I refused. I told him to go away with his unserious behaviour,” she narrated in Twi to Roselyn Felli.

She added that she never understood beefing until the “Samaria Obaano” singer reached out to her.

Despite her acknowledging the fact that Brother Sammy is a talented singer, she believes he has been carried away by earthly pleasures.

Cecelia Marfo also reminisced about how the viral video of her slapping Brother Sammy affected her emotionally. She said she cried due to how it was portrayed on social media.

Following Brother Sammy’s actions, the “Afunumu Ba” hitmaker mentioned that the majority of gospel musicians are in for their personal gain instead of promoting God’s kingdom.

Cecelia Marfo stressed that the majority of the current crop of gospel artistes are not gifted but just following the trends.

“We have those who are truly gifted by God and the unserious ones that have jumped into the trends. So, most that have joined are learning unworthy things without really possessing the singing gift,” she added.

Regardless of the controversy and challenges she has faced over the past few years, the musician is never giving up on her ministry, believing that she is ordained by God.


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