Don’t Take Your Marriage Problems to Pastors – Empress Gifty: Sensational gospel musician Empress Gifty Adorye, has advised women to desist from taking their marital issues to their pastors for solutions because most of these pastors are not happy in their own marriages.

The ‘Aseda’ hitmaker gave this advice in an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, monitored by GhanaWeb.

Empress Gifty as she is affectionately called said she has learned many valuable lessons over the years after her divorce, one of which is to never take her marital issues to any man of God.

According to her, many of these so-called pastors have secretly divorced their wives, and only put up an act for their congregation when they come to church.

“I tell you, even they, their marriages are on fire, so they use your problems to console themselves. Most of them have problems, most of them have divorced their wives secretly that many people don’t know. A lot of them have problems but because of the fame they have it’s so hard for them to come public. Most of them have problems, what they put out in church with their wives are all an act, pretense, they pretend a lot…” she said.

Gifty Adorye advised women to take time to do self-introspection when issues arise in their homes, because sometimes through self-introspection they will be able to identify what they themselves did to negatively affect their marriage.

She went on to say instead of carrying all their problems to these pastors, they should also try and talk to God and their mothers.


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