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Gospel musician Empress Gifty has given her two cents on the ongoing controversy surrounding the use of hip pads.

Several female celebrities in Ghana have been accused of either going under the knife or employing hip pads to look curvaceous, of which Empress Gifty is inclusive.

Reacting to the saga on her Empress Gifty show, the musician said she sees no wrong in the use of hip pads or whatsoever anyone wants to do with her body.

To her, all forms of physical modification are just to boost confidence.

She described as uncouth and primitive some persons who go the extreme length of chastising women who wear hip pads.

“How can you look at someone and even think of her nakedness to conclude that she is wearing a hip pad? It’s just like wearing pant or boxers. If you cant speak on your pant, then hip pad is also a no go area.”

She berated some media persons who host “useless interviews” just to have senitive conversations on the topic.

Source: adomonline.com


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