Gospel Artiste takes Minister OJ’s Song to Juju man

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Gospel musician Michael Oware Sakyi, known in gospel music circles as OJ has confirmed the perception that some gospel musicians rely on voodoo power or juju for the success of their careers.

According to the Etisen singer, a fellow musician once took his music to a shrine, known in Ghanaian parlance as juju.

He told television host Stacy on Restoration that even though the person tried to kill his music career by taking his songs to the ritualist, he finally got disgraced. When asked if it was true that some musicians take CDs of other musicians to ritualists to bring them down, he responded in the affirmative, adding that it once happened to him.

Of course there is. They do it. Somebody has done that to me before, he revealed.

When asked how he got to know, he said It was revealed through prayer and three prophets confirmed it. They hadn’t seen it, I had not told them anything and they told me how the person was going to be disgraced and truthfully the person has been disgraced.

He also noted that not all gospel musicians have been called By God.

According to him some of them are doing gospel music because of their stomachs or because others are benefiting from it.

People have very funny reasons for doing things. Some of us what we are doing is a calling and it is a covenant that my grandfather had with God to give him somebody like this the family. I don’t struggle to write my songs. I can’t run with Usain Bolt, he further noted.

He advised that people who are not called to be gospel musicians should find other work to do than try to pull down those who are progressing in their music career.

OJ is touted as one of the best songwriters in Ghana.

He has released a lot of thought-provoking and inspirational songs which have been described by many as didactic and practical to life.

Some of his songs include, Onipa Hia Mmoa, ‘Maye Se Mo Pen, Apo Jesu, Tete Botan, among others.




Source: Kwame Dadzie/citinewsroom.com/Ghana

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