Soothing Ghanaian musician Irene Logan has made a shocking revelation about the lowest moments in her life.

She has disclosed that she wanted God to take her life.

Irene Logan bounced on the musical scene during her days at Stars of The Future and according to her, she fell into a bad company who introduced her to smoking.

Sharing her story on Joy FM as monitored by GhanaWeb, the musician narrated that she excused herself from close relatives during her depressing state.

“I secluded myself from everyone because nothing was working. I use to pray to God and say I’m ready, if you don’t want me to do circular music and you want me to focus on your work, you need to let me know,” the musician narrated

According to her, those lowest moments made her have suicidal thoughts and often prayed that God kills her.

“I was in deep depression but this time it was really bad. I used to wake up in the morning and pray to God to die because I was afraid to kill myself. I use to pray God please just let me go and then I started smoking more. It started from a few sticks to a whole pack to more. “

Recounting her encounter with God which changed her life, the musician said:

“I was home one day before I went to church, I was seating outside on the compound on the slap and I was crying to God so exasperated.

“I told God I need help, Lord help me. I need my life back. Right as I said that, I heard this song,” Irene Logan said in relation to what inspired her new gospel song.

Irene Logan has now given her life to God and is now an anointed minister of the Gospel of Christ.


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