Jackie Hill Perry And Beyonce

Jackie Hill Perry Warns That Beyoncé’s Music Has a Demonic Influence

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Author and speaker Jackie Hill Perry has made waves on social media for saying that the music of Beyoncé and Kehlani has a demonic influence on people. Perry specifically addressed the singers’ promotion of non-Christian deities in music that celebrates Black identity.

“I don’t know who told us you got to be a witch to be Black,” said Perry in an Instagram clip of her speaking at a Glory event. “You are not more Black by engaging in witchcraft. That is still propagating a white supremacist lie that Black people in Africa didn’t know Jesus.”

“I am angry that the powers that be — in social media and in culture and in music and in Beyoncé’s music and in Kehlani’s music and in whatever the others are,” Perry continued, “like I’m angry that they are really trying to convince us that all spiritualism is the same. And we have digested this impurity. We want so bad not to be legalistic that we actually become profane. We want so bad to have all these freedoms that we are entertaining demons.”

Jackie Hill Perry No Longer Listens to Beyoncé
Jackie Hill Perry is a poet, Bible teacher, and artist. She is the author of “Gay Girl, Good God: The Story of Who I Was, and Who God Has Always Been” and “Holier Than Thou: How God’s Holiness Helps Us Trust Him.”

Perry has partnered with Lifeway to hold Glory events, gatherings where women around the country worship God and study his Word. She concluded her recent Glory clip by warning that items with a demonic influence can cause harm in people’s lives. “And you wonder why you are depressed,” she said. “And you wonder why you are anxious. And you wonder why you have nightmares. And you wonder why you can’t sleep. And you wonder why you see things in your room at night. It’s because you’re opening up doors to all kinds of demons. Close them.”

Perry concluded, “Whatever you got in your home that’s witchcraft—throw it away. Throw it away. Burn everything you got because we are women who are going to love God with all of our heart and all of our mind and all of our soul. We are not going to imitate the detestable practices of the nations.”

Jackie Hill Perry is not the only influencer who has recently used her platform to warn Christians against the dangers of Beyoncé. In February, a self-described prophet named Tiphani Montgomery warned her followers that Beyoncé is a “witch” and her fans are a “coven.”

Perry has not stated she believes that Beyoncé is practicing witchcraft as such and even explained her concerns about the artist in detail in a video posted Feb. 15.

Source: churchleaders.com


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