Kwame APlus Challenges Self-acclaimed Men Of God

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Kwame APlus said if they are true ‘Men of God’ they should heal all the cripples in Accra.Controversial Hiplife musician, Kwame APlus has challenged prophets in the country to heal all cripples. According to the outspoken musician, if the prophets are true ‘Men of God’ they should heal all the cripples on the street of Accra.

The controversial singer appeared on Berla Mundi’s “The Late Afternoon Show” on GhOne TV on Monday, August 20, 2018, to discuss the topic; “Churches: Business Conscious or Salvation oriented?.”

The topic comes on the back of the government’s plan to tax churches from the proceedsthey make from their members. Some men of God have kicked against the move with reasons that God’s money shouldn’t be touched by any government as it is a sacred gift for God Kwame A-plus was on the show with one Pastor Gilbert Osei and as it expected, the topic was thoroughly delved into – blending the spiritual and physical side to the issues.

Kwame APlus was of the view that religion in Ghana has to be regulated to curb the menace of “men of God” controlling the thinking faculties of their members through fear and spirituality.

He cited non-religious countries such as China, Japan, Korea and others who developed their countries through hard work and critical thinking and not basically relying on prayers as it is often done in Ghana.

A-Plus lamented over how Ghanaians are stuck to the culture of praying about everything even when it doesn’t require prayers to solve whatever problem at hand.

Pastor Gilbert Osei rightly agreed with Kwame APlus on the above and added that prayers cannot solve our bad roads, poor healthcare, bad leadership, joblessness and mismanagement of public funds.
Pastor Gilbert Osei concluded that we need critical thinking to solve the above and the many problems out there hanging around the necks of many Ghanaians.

Kwame APlus threw the challenge to Ghanaian self-acclaimed “men of God” to go heal all the cripples and physically challenged Ghanaians begging on the streets of Accra if indeed they are from God.



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