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There’s been more violence in Nigeria as yet another Christian woman is accused of blasphemy by an Islamist group.

Following on from the killing of teenager Deborah Samuel, local reporters claim houses and shops were set on fire last weekend by a mob hunting a 40 year old who’d posted a message about faith on social media.

The incident is said to have taken place in a town in Warji, Bauchi.

The message was deemed offensive to Islam and was declared as an act of ‘blasphemy.’

This incident happened merely a week after student Deborah Samuel’s death where she was stoned and then set on fire for allegedly having sent messages insulting the Muslim Prophet Mohammed to a WhatsApp group.

The authorities have since then deployed all tactical teams, mobile police force, and Rapid Response Squad (RRS) whose joint efforts brought the situation under control.

Journalist and Official Presidential Spokesperson for Nigeria Reuben Abati tweeted: “Another Christian lady escapes lynching in Bauchi over alleged blasphemy.”

Source: premierchristian.news



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